Are you looking for a way to provide your clients with additional resources? What if you could offer your clients a greater variety of programs and be able to take part in a very attractive commission structure? Well now you can thanks to the new partner and affiliate program that MCAT has just rolled out. We do things differently here and our top priority is ensuring that your needs are always met.

Since we have in-house lenders there are no time delays when it comes to getting the advance you need. Our application process is quick and easy with minimal paperwork to fill out. Simply call your personal liaison and within minutes you'll be on your way to getting your merchants the funding they need.

We Are Versatile
We offer many alternative funding options. If a traditional lender has turned you down, we can help. If your clients have a business that traditional lenders may see as "risky", do not let that stop you. Our in-house lenders can offer unique funding options and since we have a 95 percent approval rate, the chances are great that we will find the funding your merchants need.



check MCAT offers the highest conversion rate in the industry.
check We offer competitive cash incentives / commissions to our affiliates.
check We provide full accessibility to your personal affiliate liaison for deal tracking.
check Adequate personal offline help and services to our affiliates/partners.
check We provide marketing ideas to make each of our affiliates as successful and competitive as possible.
check Sales assistance on deals that are difficult to close, sales support will help you fund more deals.